Some people pick their vacations based on where they can go without a passport. Want some place tropical? Hawaii, south Florida, or, if they’re feeling especially adventurous, Puerto Rico.

Our housekeepersIs that any way to live, staying within the United State or its territories? As a part of Mexico, Cozumel is going to give you safe, fun experiences that you’re not going to find anywhere in the United States. When you visit Cozumel and stay in one of our Cozumel condo rentals, you’re not only taking a vacation, you’re investigating a new culture.

The People – The main reason to visit any foreign land is to interact with its people. And the people here are wonderful! We’ve made many friends over the years, have our favorite markets, and love the people both inside and outside of Residencias Reef.

The City Life – In Cozumel, you can get just about anywhere in under an hour, and most of the action is about seven miles down the road in Cozumel’s only major city, San Miguel. Admittedly, it’s very westernized, considering that tourism is Cozumel’s main economy. But there’s also a strong influence of the country’s strong religious ties mixed with its traditional Mayan culture. It’s an excellent mix of a new culture with the familiarity many people crave.

The Land and Waters – There aren’t many non-passport-accessible islands where you can get this kind of jungle and diving adventure!

When it comes to a vacation, get out your passport and fly to one of the safest Caribbean islands there is. You’re in for some fun!