There’s a good chance that you’re not a multimillionaire. We’re just going on a hunch, here, but we’re guessing that you’re a hard worker who doesn’t get a lot of vacation time and who actually has to save up for a while in order to come enjoy our Cozumel vacation rentals.

If that’s even close to being the case, you’re in for a treat. Cozumel is an amazing place for you to relax and take some time off from your busy life. That’s because, when you’re here, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. In fact…

Go where you want…or don’t! –  We’ve had people stay at one of our Cozumel condo rentals and never leave the grounds. We don’t suggest this, because we’re big fans of everything can do on the island. But who are we to tell you what to do! Our condos are comfortable, up-to-date, and close enough to the ocean so that you can just stroll the beach. There are big screen TVs with satellites, balconies, internet, swimming pools…everything you need to just sit back and relax.

Now, it’s up to you, but we think you’ll enjoy getting off the Residencias Reef grounds, because…

There’s so much to do on the island! – We’ve written entire blogs about it, but it bears repeating…there’s a lot to do on Cozumel. Snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, golfing, and yearly festivals are a great way to spend you time doing something new. Try it and you’ll like it!

Meet the people! – We have many friends who own condos here at Residencias Reef. Some are from the US, some from Mexico, and some occasional renters like you. But while you do get a great island experience, you don’t get as much of a “Cozumel experience.” Be sure head to San Miguel and talk to some of the people who live outside the gates.

But hey, it’s up to you! Rent one of our Cozumel vacation rentals and what you do is your business. Check us out today!