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Most of us work hard. We wake up each morning, get the kids ready for school, drop them off, go to our work, come home, cook dinner, run the kids to their activities, and then, if we’re lucky, we have a bit of time for ourselves. While work and staying busy are good things and are part of life, you have to take a break every now and then in order to recharge your batteries and come back all the stronger and more creative. This is where a beach vacation comes in.

Cozumello at Residencias Reef offers Cozumel condos for rent. We offer beachfront condos with full kitchens, heated swimming pools, onsite manager, 24-hour security, and internet and cable. Our Cozumel condos are equipped with a washer and dryer plus air conditioning to keep you comfortable. Below, we’ll go over some of the many benefits of a beach vacation. Contact us today to book your beach house rental!


Relieves Stress

Most of us face stress every day, be it from work, a family crisis, or just sitting in traffic. When you leave your normal daily life behind and go on a beach vacation, you won’t have the pressures of your daily routine weighing you down. You can take some time for yourself and do what you’ve been wanting to do — whatever that may be for you. You can find a hammock to sit in and read a book all day long, or take a long nap. You can stroll on the beach, picking up seashells. You can sleep in your beach front condo in Cozumel, listening to the waves as they lull you to sleep. 

When you arrive on the beach, serotonin (the feel good chemical your body releases after exercise) increases, and your mood will immediately be elevated. Research shows that seeing blue spaces (lakes, oceans, rivers) has a greater positive effect than seeing green spaces (forests, mountains, trees). Call Cozumello at Residencias Reef today!

Soak in the Rays

Our bodies need vitamin D in order to be healthy. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, and it helps to create new, healthy skin. You can drink vitamin D in milk, but most of us get our vitamin D from the sun. Sunlight can also help to increase serotonin, which can affect your sleep, mood, and appetite. Plus, being outdoors has many more benefits than just soaking up the sun’s rays. You’ll breath in fresh air at the beach, the salt-scent delicious to your senses. You’ll take in the birds and the trees. Your heart rate will naturally lower as Mother Nature’s elixir washes over you. Experience this renewal at Cozumello at Residencias Reef today!

Better Exercise

There’s almost nothing quite like a long walk at the beach. With the saltwater breeze ruffling your hair, the sound of the waves lapping your feet, and the seagulls flying overhead, your walk will be nothing but mesmerizing. You’ll walk longer at the beach because you won’t get bored. You’ll work harder since walking on sand requires more effort than on flat ground. Sand is a natural exfoliate, so your skin will be happier, healthier, and shiny. Your feet have between 3,000 and 7,000 nerve endings, which is why sand feels so good. Sand will loosen the dead skin cells and whisk them away, preventing them from lingering on your skin, clogging up your pores. Saltwater is full of minerals that are good for your skin as well. You’ll be more likely to go for a swim, which is a total body workout that will burn calories. Playing beach volleyball, too, promotes weight loss and heart health.


Most of us at least somewhat remember what the days were like before we were glued to our cell phones. We stood in lines and talked to the people in front of us and behind us. We sat on airplanes and struck up conversations. When we wanted to talk to someone, we either called them or stopped by their house. We watched the nightly news to find out what was happening around the world.

Beach vacations give you the opportunity to not respond immediately to every text and email. Cozumello at Residencias Reef recommends that you don’t bring your cell phone or computer with you to the beach. Your brain needs this time to not be constantly stimulated. You need to have this time to listen to your family and reconnect. You’ll be more refreshed and creative if you do.


Cozumello at Residencias Reef offers everything you could want in a beach house rental, from king-size beds and flat screen TVs to beautiful ocean and beach views right outside your patio. Our mission is to ensure your stay at our Cozumel condo is relaxing and easy, which is why we offer keyless door entries, beach towels, housekeeping services, heated swimming pools, and a full kitchen to cook in. We invite you to spend your days how you want to, doing whatever you need to do to recharge, unplug, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Our onsite manager is available to help you should you need it. We can direct you to the best places for your chosen activities in Cozumel, as well as help you navigate the many festivals that we are known for. Contact us today for booking and Cozumel condos availability!