swim with dolphins cozumello at residencias reef

Cozumel is known for its beauty. After all, it’s an island in the Caribbean Ocean where tourists by the thousands flock to escape it all. Many people arrive by cruise ships. The problem with this is that you often only have a full day at most, often just a few hours, before you are on to the next stop. This doesn’t leave you much time at all to really explore Cozumel and all it has to offer.

Cozumello at Residencias Reef offers the best Cozumel condo rentals. Our mission is to afford you a place to stay, to unwind, and a base for you to explore and see the island during the day and then return here at night to continue relaxing and enjoying your well-deserved vacation. In this blog post, we’ll continue exploring all of the things that Cozumel has to offer you. Contact us today for your Cozumel condo rental!


Swim With Dolphins

Many people are fascinated by dolphins. After all, they are some of the most intelligent animals in the world, known to play with humans and even save humans from drowning. They have an incredibly complex communication system that only higher forms of life have. Cozumel has two dolphinariums, or aquariums for dolphins, where you can interact with, play with, and pet dolphins. When you swim with dolphins, you will get a chance to see these amazing mammals up close and personal — a rare experience to cherish for a lifetime. The whole family can participate, and you’ll gain a new perspective on what truly is important in this world. Plus, you’ll be helping to save dolphins around the world as some places donate a portion of their proceeds to dolphin charities.

See Mayan Ruins

If you love history, then you should most definitely check out the archaeological site of San Gervasio. These Mayan ruins were built between 1200-1500 AD, and they are located in the middle of the jungle on the uninhabited east coast of the island. Now part of a larger park, you can visit these ruins (along with local iguanas who have become quite used to tourists), and experience for yourself this time in history.


Not known for its surfing, Cozumel in fact offers some of the best waves for surfing in the Carribean, being located on an island where the winds can blow quite fiercely. The east side of the island always has waves due to the winds, and there are several surfing schools on the island which can offer you lessons and surfing gear, such as a surfboard and wetsuit. Since Cozumel is not a popular surfing mecca, this is a great chance for those with little-to-no experience to learn how to surf. The waters are warm, so you will be quite comfortable. You will get to not only be on the ocean in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but you’ll also get to learn something new. Contact our Cozumel condos today!


While vacations are all about relaxing, they are also a chance to get to see new things and try new things that you otherwise would not have a chance to do. Cozumel offers a wide array of activities, such as surfing, swimming with dolphins, and seeing Mayan ruins, that you can’t do all at once in too many other places. Cozumello at Residencias Reef offers you the best Cozumel condos for your stay, offering comfortable king beds, heated swimming pools, and in-house massages. Contact us for booking information today!